What was Kobe Bryant’s biggest weakness as a basketball player?

What was Kobe Bryant’s biggest weakness as a basketball player?

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Kobe Bryant’s Weakness as a Basketball Player

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players in basketball history, proved himself over the years as an incredible all-around athlete, scoring points on offense and playing stellar defense on the other end. But even great players like Bryant have weaknesses. Here are Kobe’s biggest weaknesses as a basketball player:

Limited Playmaking Abilities

One of Kobe’s weaknesses was his limited playmaking abilities. While he had impressive ball handling, Kobe wasn’t known to be the best at setting up his teammates. His tendency to take shots whenever he felt like, left many of his teammates feeling frustrated.

Difficulty Moving Without the Ball

Another one of Kobe’s weaknesses was his difficulty in moving without the ball. He would often find difficulty in making quick cuts and back-doors without the ball. This limited him from hitting big shots when the defense was caught off guard, as it required a quick and precise move without the ball.

Average Rebounder

Finally, despite being a great one-on-one defender, Kobe was an average rebounder. He was often seen not being able to box his man out, leading to easy offensive rebounds for the opposing team.

Overall, Kobe Bryant was an incredible basketball player capable of taking over games on both offense and defense. But even great players have small weaknesses, and these three were the biggest that Kobe faced during his basketball career.

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