How many points did Kobe Bryant score in his final NBA game?

How many points did Kobe Bryant score in his final NBA game?

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The Final Score Of Kobe Bryant’s NBA Game

Kobe Bean Bryant, one of basketball’s legendary stars, had a remarkable 20-year-career with the Los Angeles Lakers. On April 13, 2016, Bryant made his grand exit from the game with a final NBA game against Utah Jazz.

Kobe’s Final Score

The final score for Kobe Bryant was an impressive 60 points, making it the highest final game score by a player in the history of NBA.

Kobe Before His Final Game

Before his final game, Kobe Bryant’s all-time record in the NBA was:

  • Appearances: 1,346
  • Points scored: 33,643
  • Championships: 5

The call for his retirement came prior to his final game when Kobe announced his decision to end his “amazing journey” in a statement.

Kobe’s Final Game

On the day of Kobe’s final game, a number of top players expressed support and admiration for him and his career. Even the Jazz players seemingly acknowledged Kobe’s contribution to the sporting world.

Kobe put in an inspired performance by scoring a team best 60 points and leading the L.A Lakers to victory. Fans around the world witnessed a remarkable performance from Kobe and shouted his name in admiration.

Kobe’s Legacy

Kobe’s 60-point performance sealed his legacy and was celebrated by fans across the world. His talent, determination and tenacity had been on show for the last 20 years, and his final game saw him leave on a high. Kobe’s contribution to the game of basketball is unquestioned and he will remain in the hearts and minds of millions of fans.

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